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Maritime Injuries

People who work in the maritime industry have some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. For instance, the captain and crew members who work onboard crab boats and other commercial fishing boats for months at a time, fighting through severe storms and treacherous seas are faced with life-threatening conditions every day. Welders working on oil rigs face dangers such as falling to their death if the metal slabs they are cutting break loose. And the list goes on.

Maritime workers are required to do some of the most arduous work under the most difficult conditions every single day. In many cases, these workers are forced to work on barely any sleep with inadequate training. Such dangerous conditions put these workers at great risk of injury. These maritime injury risks include:

  • - Falls from heights while welding and working on drilling rigs and platforms
  • - Sustaining crushing injuries when the seas are choppy and equipment becomes loose (when heavy cargo isn’t secured properly, crew members are at risk of being struck and crushed)
  • - Slipping on a slick deck due to exposure to ocean spray, humidity or wet lines
  • - Getting limbs caught in nets and lines when rope is not properly handled (can result in serious injuries and lost limbs)
  • - Severe, disfiguring burns from fires and explosions
  • - Contact with harsh chemicals can lead to serious chemical burns
  • - Equipment malfunctions (offshore workers such as oil rig workers, welders, electricians and fisherman work with heavy machinery such as engines, cranes and drills)
  • - Loading and unloading accidents
  • - Falling overboard (when the seas are rough and choppy, crew members are at risk of slipping and falling overboard when the waves crash on the vessels)
  • - Collisions with other vessels



Seamen also face overexertion from the demanding hours and extreme conditions of working at sea. In many cases, these workers are asked to push themselves beyond their physical limits, often putting them at risk of suffering permanent injuries.

These workers are also at risk of sustaining cumulative trauma injuries, which are caused by doing the same motion over and over again. Also known as repetitive stress injuries, these can affect the spine, ankles and feet, hands and wrists, and shoulders.

Maritime Injury Lawsuits

Our maritime attorneys recognize the dangers that seamen face every day. As a result, we fight aggressively on behalf of our injured clients and help them recover the maximum amount of compensation they need to obtain treatment and to support themselves and their families. In many cases, maritime injuries are so severe that the injured workers are no longer able to work in such a demanding field. Thus, they may not be able to support themselves and their families financially. A lawsuit would help them get the money they need to pay for expensive medical bills and to meet their financial responsibilities such as their mortgage and other bills.

If you or someone you love is seriously injured while working at sea, our maritime lawyers may be able to help you get the compensation you and your family need. To learn more, please schedule a free consultation by contacting us today.

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